Our Mission

Hello and nice to meet you!  We're Tribe Brand Clothing Company.  We specialize in eco friendly basic apparel for men and women.  Everything we sell is made from sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton, RPET (recycled plastic), hemp and bamboo.  Our apparel is made in the USA and our commitment is to always manufacture our sustainable clothing locally in New York!  

    Why are we doing this?

    Because what you wear is an extension of who you are, we offer clothing that makes you feel good from the inside out.  Our fabrics were carefully selected and enable you to feel a deeper, more meaningful connection to the people and land that created them.

    Our message is that between the fast fashion industry and the over production of plastic, we are wreaking havoc on the environment. 

    The Facts:

    A traditional t shirt requires:

    1. 700 gallons of water
    2. .22 pounds of fertilizer
    3. .01 pounds of pesticides
    4. 1.2 pounds of fossil fuels

    In the end, 85% of our clothing winds up in the landfill.  This, is madness. 

    Our goals are to: 

    1. support better agricultural practices
    2. support socially responsible manufacturing
    3. send a message to the fast fashion industry that consumer choices are driven by more than just price

    By purchasing eco friendly clothing, we can make a tremendous impact on our environment, manufacturing and agriculture.




    Our eco tags display the dominant sustainable fabric the apparel is made from and are sewn on the outside of our clothes.  We hope these tags help to:

    1. start a conversation: "why does your shirt have the recycle logo on it?"
    2. let people know you care and have put in the extra effort to make an educated purchase

    We've put thought into every detail of your purchase - everything you touch was made with eco friendly materials.  No new plastic was created to make or ship your product!

    About our logo:


    Tribe has 5 letters.  The hands, having 5 fingers, represent the positive work we do.  Lastly, the green plant represents the eco friendly practices we support.

    Our Tribe for Five Program partners with grass roots charities that work to provide life's basic essentials to those in need.  10% of company profits go to our partner charities.  To learn more about the Tribe for Five Program, click here.  Stay in touch with Tribe social media to see the great work we're doing!